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"49.  For fatigue purposes, forage caps, of pattern in the Quartermaster General's Office:  Dark blue cloth, with a welt of the same around the crown, and yellow metal letters in front to designate companies"


This reproduction of a "Type II" forage cap displays the regulation placement of the company letter on the front of the cap.


Details of an original "type II" forage cap

Front of a "Type II" cap displaying the characteristic wide crown.  According to regulations, the only brass on the cap was to be the company letter placed on the front of the cap.  However, surviving original show a wide variety of insignia placement on the caps of volunteer units, from none at all to both company letters and regimental numbers as in this example.  This original shows the company letter place not on the front of the cap but on the crown along with the regimental number.

Another characteristic of the "Type II" cap is the distinctive shape of the bill which is more square in shape than the "Type I" cap.
Inside of cap
Detail of leather sweat band

From the collection of The Union Drummer Boy

Photo by Bob Clayton